About Thailand

Thailand economy is the world's 20th largest by GDP at PPP and the 27th largest by nominal GDP. Thailand is Southeast Asia’s second largest economy with a well-developed infrastructure, a free-enterprise economy, and generally pro-investment policies and the 4th richest in terms of per capita GDP.

Thailand’s economy grew at the fastest pace in recent years, led by a surge in farming output and tourism. Thailand’s traditionally strong exports, mostly electronics, agricultural commodities, automobiles and parts, and processed foods.

Thailand posted a trade surplus a USD 2.1 billion in August , 2017. Exports rose 13.2 percent year-on-year to the biggest amount of record of USD 21.22 billion while imports increased by 14.9 percent to USD 19.13 billion. Balance of Trade in Thailand averaged 4.22 USD Million.

Thailand is an assembly hub for international car brands. The textile sector employs around 25% of the active population but is no longer as dynamic as tourism which has become the main source of foreign exchange.

State Railway of Thailand (SRT) had 4,507 km of track, 390,000 km of highways and 462,133 roads. Thailand had 103 airports with 63 paved runways, in addition to 6 heliports.